The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Hello AT students,


This is a link (see below) to a Zoom lecture next Wednesday at 5 pm on the ATEAM study. The results of the study are summarized simply and briefly here.


We now have several randomised studies for the AT, but in a number of ways this is the most important study that we have so far - it was the first of the large, randomised studies (2008), it was conducted by an unimpeachably top university team, it was published in the British Medical Journal (a major achievement for a first study with unexpectedly good results), it's for chronic low back pain which is a national plague, and the results are really quite extraordinary (86% reduction in days each month with low back pain 12 months after lessons were completed, vastly better than any other known intervention). I have heard that another study is now planned and this is very important because the reproducibility of results is a basic tenet of science. Another result like this one would very likely secure the position of the AT as the most recommended intervention for low back pain.


All AT teachers should ideally know the parameters of this study, and also understand the basic concepts of evidence-based medicine such as control group, placebo, p-value, etc., that will be introduced in this talk. I know that several of you already know about these things, but if you don't, don't worry, they're not that hard to understand!


And don't worry about not being a STAT member yet, you would be entitled to student membership this term were it not for the lockdown, so I'm sure it's fine.





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Subject: Harnessing the power of the ATEAM - Free Online Seminar with Guillaume Bourgault

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Dear Peter,


Harnessing the power of the ATEAM

Free Online Seminar with Guillaume Bourgault


When: Wednesday May 13th 2020, 17:00 (UK Time)

How long: about 90 minutes

Where: Via Zoom - use link and password below to access the talk on the day


Meeting ID: 834 5658 1341

Password: 258721


The randomized control trial measuring the effectiveness of Alexander Technique on back pain is a milestone for AT. Most complementary/alternative medicine do not survive the scrutiny of a rigorously designed clinical trial.


Unfortunately, this paper is written for an audience of medical specialists: it is a bit of a dry read and is filled with jargon making it hard to understand how powerful this study is in showing how much of difference AT makes for people with chronic back pain. It warrants explanation.


The seminar’s aim is to equip AT teachers with precise knowledge and vocabulary. This will enable them to draw the attention of the medical professional and data-driven people to the proven benefits of AT.


The talk is divided in the following sections:


   Introduction to the philosophy of evidence-based medicine (EMB)

   Dissection of the tested interventions and measured outcomes

   Visualize the results: AT is much better than the other interventions

   Demystification of the jargon around clinical trial: control group, placebo, p-value



The talk is free for all STAT members. However, it was built over a large amount of research hours. Please consider making a voluntary donation to Guillaume's Paypal account, after the presentation (


If you have any questions, please email Guillaume directly by clicking here.



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On behalf of Guillaume Bourgault



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ATEAM Lecture