The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

If your insurer is not listed here, it is still possible that they will pay for lessons.


Introductions, workshops and weekly classes

I lead introductory courses, occasional workshops for established students, a weekly class for A.T. teachers and experienced students, a weekly class for potential trainee teachers and from early 2020 a training course for teachers.


Further questions

If you have further questions about the Alexander Technique, about lessons, or regarding your own situation, I welcome contact by either telephone or email.

Free advisory consultation

If you think that the Alexander Technique might be helpful to you, then you are most welcome to book a free consultation. This is an opportunity for you to meet with me, to have a brief assessment and to ask any questions that you may have, before deciding whether you would like to go ahead with a first lesson.


After the consultation you can choose to proceed with your first lesson straight away, or you can book a lesson for a different date, or you can take some time to consider. There is no obligation on your part.


Booking a consultation or lesson

Please arrange an initial consultation or lesson by telephone on 01625-548233, email or contact form.


Days and times of lessons

Actplan (on GP’s referral), BAWA, BCWA, Cigna, Ellis Healthcare, Executive Healthcare Ltd, Exeter Friendly Society (on self-referral), Guardian Health, Healthcare Management, HEALTHSHIELD (through company based scheme), Hogg-Robinson Healthcare, I.G.I. (on GP’s referral), Iron Trades Ass. Co, Managed Care Consultants Ltd, Medical Claims Handling, MediCash, Medisure, Motor Insurer's Bureau, Norwich Union, OHRA, Orion Prime Health, PruHealth, UAP, Provincial Insurance Plc, Universal Providence, UNIQA (Austria), Van Breda, WPA, Zurich. Also: The Civil Service Med. Aid Assoc. (on self-referral), The E.C.’s Joint Medical Insurance Scheme and The U.N.’s Medical Insurance Scheme.

Individual Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Paying for lessons

Lessons cost £60 each and last about 40 minutes.

There is a reduced rate of £45 (£50 from Jan '20) for qualified and trainee Alexander Technique teachers.

Lessons may be paid for by cash, cheque or bank/online transfer (Bacs).

Most self-employed people can claim lessons against tax and some employers and private insurers (see below) will pay for lessons.  


Private medical insurance

Many of the major private medical insurance companies will reimburse Alexander Technique lessons. Please check the conditions of your policy with your company. Most require a consultant referral (see exceptions below), and I can assist you with advice in obtaining this. The following companies will normally fund lessons:

Learning the Alexander Technique is usually best achieved through one-to-one lessons. This allows you to work with your teacher on your individual habits of movement.