The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

MATTS was founded in 2001 and has graduated 35 teachers. The great majority of our graduates have active teaching practices today. After 16 years we closed our training course for a break at the end of 2017, continuing with weekly and then twice-weekly classes for teachers and potential trainee teachers. We were due to reopen our training course with eleven students in April 2020 but this was been postponed because of Covid. When we are able to re-open, we will be continuing in the long-established MATTS tradition of providing a first class traditional training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, in a friendly and inclusive environment.


MATTS is a STAT approved three year professional training course for teachers made up of 1600 class hours, together with some home study. Graduates are certified by STAT and are eligible to join the Society as teaching members.

Full time training usually takes three years. However, nowadays many students choose to train part-time and are free to choose from a wide range of options in their training schedule.

We also offer individually designed courses for people who have had a foundation course of lessons and who would like to deepen their Alexander Technique skills in an intensive group setting, and/or for those who have an interest in training and would like to explore this further before making a commitment to train.*


Website: Because MATTS was closed temporarily for two years, much of the information on the MATTS website is now out of date. We will be updating the site and publishing a student prospectus early in the autumn.


The course is located in Wilmslow and runs from 9 am to 1 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and from 10 am - 1 pm on Saturdays, on about 40 weeks/year.


Acceptance for training: There is no precise definition of a suitable candidate for training, although a reasonable course of individual lessons (not less than 20, and preferably rather more) and a compelling interest in the Alexander Technique are assumed. Usually the best way to discover if we will be able to work well together is to visit our classes several times.*

Students may commence training at any point during the school year.


Course fees are £6,000 per year in three termly instalments. If fees are increased over the course of the three year training, this will be by no more than the lowest measure of the rate of inflation. Students who would prefer not to commit to a regular full-time training schedule will normally be asked to pay at the rate of £50/class.


Term Dates:  

Autumn Term 2020    9 September – 5 December 2020  (Half-Term 21 October – 24 October)

Spring Term 2021      6 January – 1 April 2021  (Half-Term 17–20 February)

The dates below may change to allow for longer terms:

Summer Term 2021   28 April – 25 July 2021   (Half-Term 9 June – 12 June)

Autumn Term 2021    8 September – 4 December 2021   (Half-Term 20–23 October)


Regular teachers include Peter Bloch (course director), Malcolm Williamson (director emeritus; Malcolm was the Director of MATTS from 2001-2017, as well as a past chair of STAT, past editor of the STAT newsletter, and has published many papers about the A.T. and related matters), Jane Osgood (assistant director; Jane has more than 26 years experience as an A.T. teacher in a wide range of roles), Liz Hulse (co-assistant director; Liz graduated from MATTS in 2004 and has worked consistently as a teacher trainer since that time), Gillian Thorndyke (MATTS 2003), Pauline Lang (MATTS 2004), Sue Fleming (MATTS 2008), Jane Evans, Gillian Pierce, Marie Leenhardt, David Hudson, Jenny Fox Eades, Annalisa Faenza, Sue Fergusson, Karen McCarthy, Charlotte Woods, Rhiannon Jones, Su Harrison, Andrea Hughes - and many more.

The STAT-appointed training course Moderator is Dorothea Magonet.



* Hours of training completed with us before making a formal commitment to training can, in most circumstances, be included towards the STAT-mandated minimum requirement of 1600 class hours.

Teacher Training:

The Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS)

Last update 9 September 2020


The Manchester A.T. Training School (MATTS) was due to re-open on 29th April 2020. However, because of Covid-19 we were only able to meet online during the summer term.


From 9th September we will be re-opening as a part-time training course through a combination of individual lessons, online Zoom classes and a little homework. This will continue for this term and possibly next, after which we hope to be able to re-open as regular school. More information.


If you are interested in training as a teacher, or if you think your experience as a student might qualify you to attend our Zoom classes and you would like to do so, please contact me to discuss this.