The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Alexander Technique teachers available for 'hands-on' lessons in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire

Update 2 January 2020

AT teachers are permitted to work in Tiers 1 - 3 but since we have returned to a national lockdown we cannot see students at the moment. 



Teachers available for 'hands-on' lessons now, incorporating government guidelines "Working safely during coronavirus" and CNHC advice on "returning to work safely".



Peter Bloch (Wilmslow) I am now available for private lessons and have returned to my usual schedule. I always meet, and in many details exceed, government guidelines for 'close contact' work. Safety is, as always, my first priority. Further details of safety measures.

I am teaching as normal up until Saturday 19th December and starting again on Tuesday 5th January 2021.


Malcolm Williamson (South Manchester, M14) is now available for private lessons. Contact him directly to book. Contact.


Jenny Fox Eades (Macclesfield) has resumed 'hands-on' teaching, taking into account government guidelines and advice on safe working. She is also teaching 30 minute Zoom lessons for those with prior experience of the Technique.

Groups: Jenny's online AT/body awareness group resumes in September. Contact her for further details if you wish to join. She will, hopefully, be teaching a face to face group at Union Chapel in Fallowfield, Manchester from January. More.


Andrea Hughes (Altringham) is now available for 'hands-on' lessons, following government guidelines for safe working. Also, Andrea is offering lessons for trainee teachers at a special very low rate.


Charlotte Woods (Broadbottom, nr. Hyde, SK14) is now available for 'hands-on' lessons following government regulations. Please contact her for more information.


Sue Fleming (Chorlton, South Manchester) is available for 'hands-on' private lessons, taking all government-advised Covid-19 precautions.


Rhiannon Jones (Chester) is available for 'hands on' lessons, taking all government-advised Covid-19 precautions.


Kim Cant (Warrington) is available for 'hands on' lessons, taking all government-advised Covid-19 precautions.


Gill Thorndyke (Congleton) is available for lessons for trainee teachers and qualified teachers only.



Teachers available for 'hands-on' lessons soon:


Jane Osgood (Peak District/Wilmslow) may start giving hands-on lessons in the autumn for trainee teachers and teachers at Peter's house in Wilmslow, but this is not confirmed yet.


Liz Hulse (Wilmslow) will be available for a limited number of private lessons and possibly for small groups for trainee teachers and teachers only at Peter's house in Wilmslow.


Janet Pinder-Emery (Ambleside, Lake District) will be available for hands-on private lessons, and also for private lessons and groups for trainee teachers, from some time later in the autumn. Contact her directly for more information.



Teachers available for virtual (on-line) lessons:


Alison Marsden (Kendal, Penrith, Kirkby Lonsdale) is available for private lessons via video link, but will not be available for 'hands-on' lessons for now.


Kim Cant (Warrington) is offering online lessons.



I am still awaiting information from other teachers...



Peter's Group Classes 

Although it is possible, while acting within government regulations, to re-open face-to-face classes at this time, the difficulty in applying the regulations, together with the greater risks involved, have led to a decision to postpone these for now.

Zoom classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays resumed on 9th September, and these are open to qualified teachers, trainee teachers and very experienced students. Contact me for more information.


The Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS) will be re-opening on a part-time basis from 9th September in full compliance with government guidelines for close contact work. You can find detailed information here.