The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Thursdays, 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. in Wilmslow, Cheshire


These classes are an informal continuation of the temporarily closed Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS) and offer:



  • A friendly and supportive environment for teachers

  • CPD hours for new teachers (including the option to attend as a post-graduate student)

  • A traditional training environment for trainee teachers (with the permission of their course director)

  • Experience and preparation for those considering training as a teacher in the future

  • An opportunity for advanced study for enthusiastic students



Regular teachers include Peter Bloch, Malcolm Williamson (the Director of MATTS 2001-2017), Liz Hulse, Pauline Lang, Jane Osgood, Gillian Thorndyke, Jane Evans, Gillian Pierce, Sue Fleming, Jenny Fox Eades, Annalisa Faenza, Sue Fergusson, Karen McCarthy, Rhiannon Jones, Charlotte Woods, Su Harrison - and many more. And most weeks we are visited by other teachers from this area and from further afield.


The class runs on about 40 weeks each year (see dates below) and we usually number around 20, more than half of whom are qualified teachers. Teachers and students are welcome to attend as and when they wish, without notice. Students new to our classes are requested to check with me before their first visit.


The MATTS professional training course for teachers will be reopening in either January or (more likely) April 2020. However, we will be continuing the Thursday class mostly in its current form by integrating it into the structure of the training course.


There is an additional class on a Wednesday morning for potential trainee teachers. As with the Thursday classes, all qualified teachers, post-graduate teachers, visiting trainee teachers and potential trainee teachers are always welcome to attend.



Summer term: 2 May - 1 August (half term 13th June).

Autumn term: 5 September - 12 December (half term 24th October).

From Wednesday 4th September, the Wednesday Classes will happen in the same weeks as the Thursday Classes.

Winter/Spring term: 9 January 2020 - 2 April (half term 20th February).


Class Fees: Each class is £50 for postgraduate students and trainee A.T. teachers and pupils. There is a suggested contribution of £5 for A.T. teachers.

The "Thursday Class" - an ongoing weekly class for A.T. teachers, post-graduate students, trainee teachers and enthusiastic students

Travel: There is a main line railway station in Wilmslow (ten minute walk) with many local trains, four or more trains an hour from Manchester Piccadilly (15/20 mins) and one train an hour from London Euston (1 hour 45 mins).

Car sharing may be available, please ask.

Parking: With careful parking, there is room for 6 cars down the side of the house and in the driveway. You can park for free on Chapel Lane if you’re lucky enough to find a space or, more likely, on and off the Knutsford Road (3 minute walk). The car park outside Sainsbury’s (3 minute walk) costs £3.10 for up to 4 hours, and you can recover half of that if you shop in Sainsbury’s. The section of the car park directly behind the shop, nearest to the 'Coach and Four' pub, is for longer-term parking and costs £3.90 for 4-6 hours, but is sometimes full.

Mailing List: Please contact me to request addition to the mailing list for regular updates about the classes.

Teacher Resources

Marjory Barlow Lecture: "The Teaching of FM Alexander"

Article for teachers: "Towards a Practical Philosophy for Building a Successful Alexander Technique Practice"

Monkey Checklist by Malcolm Williamson

"Hands on back of chair" as demonstrated by an Afghan puppy!

Walter Carrington: "On Categorising the Alexander Technique".