The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

An Introduction to Reflective Practice with Karen McCarthy (video)

Part 1/7  9/9/20  45 mins & notes

Part 2/7  16/9/20 34 mins & notes

Part 3/7  7/10/20  (video to be posted soon) & notes

Part 4/7  14/9/20  (video to be posted soon) & notes



An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology with Sallie Bancroft (video)

(Parts 1 - 12 are on this page)

1) The Axial Skeleton, recap and elaboration   23/9/20, 30 mins & notes

2) The Pelvis  (video to be posted soon) 30/9/20   notes & video of anatomy of the pelvis



Malcolm's Lectures on Man's Supreme Inheritance (video)

11th Lecture    1/10/20  (video to be posted soon)  & notes (for lectures 11 & 12)

12th Lecture    8/10/20  (video to be posted soon)  & notes (for lectures 11 & 12)

13th Lecture   15/10/20  (video to be posted soon)  & notes 




Janet use of hands on oneself (mostly for teachers), 10/9/20, video 18 mins

Janet 16/9/20, mirror, legs, walking, video 22 mins

Jane O  23/9/20, balance on feet & kneeling, video 18 mins

Malcolm  1/10/20, hands on back of chair/forearm pull, (video to be posted soon) & notes



Other Talks

Peter on "What do AT teachers mean by 'going up'?" (video to be posted soon) & notes



Special events

Tennis and the A.T. - a talk by Gary Adelman, 17/9/20, video 36 mins

A talk and some games with Alex Murray, 24/9/20, video 51 mins & notes. Alex's Dart/anatomy website mentioned in his talk is here and his book "Alexander's Way", a comprehensive history of the AT, is here.

Video and Audio of MATTS Zoom Meetings, Sept - Dec 2020

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Semi- supine talk-throughs (audio)

Jane O  17/9/20  15 mins

Jane E   23/9/20  26 mins

Malcolm  30/9/20

Karen  1/10/20

Andrea  7/10/20



Talks about semi-supine with Peter: Part 1 - Why practice s-s? 11/6/20, audio 6 mins; Part 2 - Physical position in s-s, 24/6/20, audio 7 mins; Part 3 - How to Direct in s-s, 24/9/20 audio 24 mins

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Maggie  8/10/20

Andrea  14/10/20