The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

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Emily Bancroft talk on Scoliosis (plus discussion and resources) 2/7/20, is at the bottom of this page.


Gary Adelman, Tennis and the AT Part 1, 17/9/20,


Alex Murray, a talk and some games, 24/9/20, & notes. Alex's Dart/anatomy website mentioned in his talk is here and his book "Alexander's Way", a comprehensive history of the AT, is here.


Gary Adelman 14/1/21 Tennis and the AT Part 2, 14/1/21,


Dorothea Magonet 21/1/21 Practical Work. Part 1, Game &

Part 2, Discussion


Alex Murray The history and practise of the AT, 11/2/21,


Robin Simmons A talk and some practical work, 25/2/21, Part 1 and Part 2


Brita Forsstrom A talk, some practical work and a semi-supine talk-through, 4/3/21,   The diagram of the fascial connections of the diaphram is here.


John Nicholls A talk with some discussion and Q & A, 11/3/21,

"Reliable Sensory Appreciation: To Feel, or not to Feel?" Brief description: "Don't try to feel" has been such an Alexander truism, even cliché, that it's easy to forget that FM Alexander also referred to his Technique as "kinaesthetic re-education". When is it OK to feel?


Julia Woodman An overview of the clinical research that has been done on the Alexander Technique and the significance of this for teachers. A talk with group discussion and feedback.

18/3/21  The slides that accompany the video can be downloaded here.


Karen McCarthy An Introduction to 'Reflective Practice', a vital skill for continuous learning that is the goal of all good teaching and is of great relevance to AT teaching and learning. Here Karen presents an exploration of RP to help start, or support the further development of, both teachers and trainees on the path of using this remarkable tool to enhance our work.

25/3/21  The slides that accompany the video can be downloaded here.


Dorothea Magonet Practical Work and Some Anatomy. Following on from her class earlier this term, in the first part of this class Dorothea works with us practically, with some extra focus on the ankles. From time stamp 1.00.37 onwards, there is a tutorial on anatomy.

1/4/21  The slides that accompany the video can be downloaded here.



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