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Group Classes

Learning the Alexander Technique is usually best achieved through one-to-one lessons, where you can work with your teacher on your individual habits of movement.


However, introductory workshops and courses can be a good way to familiarise yourself with the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique, and to discover if you would like to go on to take individual lessons.


In addition, group classes, especially those with a high ratio of teachers to students, can combine some of the benefits of individual attention with some of the advantages of group learning, such as shared experience and the opportunity to observe change in others.


Please click on the links below for further information about my classes and other local courses.

Introductions and Workshops in Cheshire and Manchester


The 'Thursday Class': Ongoing weekly class for qualified A.T. teachers, post-graduate teachers, trainee and potential trainee A.T. teachers and experienced students.


The Manchester Alexander Technique Teacher Training School (MATTS)

MATTS is the regional centre for advanced Alexander Technique studies.


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