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Introductions, Group Classes and Workshops in Cheshire and Manchester

Last update to this page, May 2024


Introductory classes in Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Knutsford, Manchester, Stockport, Whalley Bridge, Todmorden, Warrington and thoughout the Cheshire, Manchester and Yorkshire areas

  • Andrea Hughes teaches introductory courses at the Wilmslow Guild on Monday evenings.

  • Jenny Fox-Eades leads an AT/body awareness group with Andrea Hughes and/or Sallie Bancroft at Union Chapel, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6EQ. The classes are described in more detail here. She also leads occasional courses in Macclesfield and Whalley Bridge, SK23.  It may be possible to join some of these classes later in the term. Jenny has more than 30 years' experience (9 with the A.T.) teaching groups and a PhD in Well-being in Education. She also has professional qualifications in group skills and dynamics. For more information, or to book any of these classes, contact Jenny directly on 07974 944585

  • Sallie Bancroft offers regular and occasional group classes in Macclesfield.

  • James Power offers regular and occasional group classes in Knutsford.

  • Karen McCarthy leads occasional introductory workshops in Heaton Moor, Stockport. Call Karen on 07867-638-855 or email at

  • Andy Moorhouse and David Hudson teach introductory courses in Todmorden, north of Rochdale. The courses, which costs £90, includes six 2-hour sessions in a group of 8-10 and a 30-minute one-to-one lesson. Contact Andy Moorhouse at Their intensive courses are well worth the trip, even if you don't live in the immediate area. There are also classes in Walsden and Marsden and free 'taster sessions' in Marsden.

  • Kim Cant leads introductory courses in Warrington, Saint Helens and/or in Lymm.

  • Dan Parr offers regular and occasional group classes in Sheffield.

  • Wendy Broad teaches courses in Middlewich and elsewhere in Cheshire. Check Wendy's website for upcoming courses.

  • Olwen Edwards gives occasional free introductions in Hebdon Bridge and Halifix in Yorkshire.

Online Introductions

Although I do not think that the practical learning of the Alexander Technique without hands-on work is likely to be effective for beginners (more information about this), there is certainly much benefit to be had from an online introductory course in understanding the theoretical principles, and from support during and after a course of hands-on lessons.

By far the most helpful online courses that I know of are those created by Peter Robinson. There is a free preview and a nice introduction to the 'constructive rest' procedure and there is also some free content on his YouTube channel.

Classes for experienced students

Experienced Alexander Technique students are welcome the attend the classes of the Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS) in Wilmslow, Cheshire. During each visit you will receive a considerable amount of individual attention and be invited to participate in group activities. More information.


Workshops are organised in this area occasionally, and are usually intended for people who have already had a good number of lessons. We attract notable teachers from around the country and the world. Please contact me to be added to my email list and I will let you know when events are planned.

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