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What students say...

"Peter is gifted as a most skilled teacher, giving confidence, assurance and encouragement. During sessions I experience a great sense of ease and security. I am aware of the release of tensions and with physical release from aches and pains (sometimes intense from osteoarthritis). I feel a confidence that all is being realigned as it should. After sessions I experience greatly reduced pain and discomfort, a calmness, feeling relaxed and “renewed”. I feel more confidence in my balance when walking and more comfort when driving.


Peter's work has enabled me to feel “more alive” and has raised my self esteem."

M. N. Barker, Retired Dental Surgeon



"Peter establishes an excellent teacher/pupil relationship. He is enormously supportive and encouraging. He gives very focused and intense attention along with very clear explanations and demonstrations which enable you to understand the process. Peter is sensitive, sympathetic and confidence inspiring.


In lessons I can feel a reduction in stress, the layers of tension dropping away. It gives me a sense of well being. The Alexander Technique has a calming effect on my whole system.


Having lessons has improved my balance and co-ordination and alleviated my lower back pain and whiplash injury."

Lynn Campbell, Lecturer



"Peter is an excellent teacher; he is highly intuitive and capable. He is unfailingly kind and enables you to feel completely comfortable. He works really hard with you, clearly giving you his entire attention.


I can feel myself moving with greater ease, fluidity and balance. Even if I have been feeling tired or unwell when I arrived I always come away feeling better, lighter and with more energy.


Since having lessons I experience greater energy, ease in moving and confidence in myself. I feel younger; I am constantly being told how well I look."

R.S., Teacher



I have now had 12 lessons with Peter and have been thinking about why the Alexander Technique is working for me. Undoubtedly the most important factor is your choice of teacher, as trust in that teacher forms the basis of the lessons. Trust that you will not injure yourself during the lesson. Trust that you will not be rushed. Trust that you will not be ridiculed.


So, if Peter says that you do not need a particular muscle to perform a particular function, you trust him completely that this is the case and are then able to let go of the unnecessary tension and with that the pain.

Heather Roberts, Interior Designer



"Since having lessons with Peter I have a feeling of well being, of no longer being stuck; I have become very aware of my body and what I do with it.


I have a feeling of complete trust in Peter, especially when he moves me in a strange or new way, or tells me not to use a part of my body to do something, like not using your legs to stand up!


When I first came for lessons I used to park the car further away so I could enjoy the feeling of walking on air I had after each lesson, now I am lazy and just adjust the mirror when I get in, to allow for how much taller I am after each lesson."

Peter Williams, Sales and Marketing Director



"Lessons with Peter have made a huge difference to my quality of life. I had previously suffered with back pain for years. Now I have improved posture, balance and relief from pain."

S. Roberts, Mother and Community Volunteer



"I have been with Peter for a year now and I have not visited the chiropractor for a year.

After lessons I feel lightness, taller and as though my body is moving itself.


In the past people have "done things" to me e.g. physiotherapists and chiropractors. Peter is a true partner leading you through your journey of discovery and improvement, concentrating solely on you and your needs.


If I couldn't afford the time or money to pursue all my activities then Alexander Technique lessons with Peter would be the one thing I would retain. It's remarkable!"

Margaret Leach, Retired Civil Servant



"During lessons I am in touch with my physical being much more than at any other time. It also evokes a feeling of calmness and timelessness, as opposed to the rather hectic world that we live in. After lessons I experience a sense of 'release' both physically and mentally.


When I had a rather demanding 'day job' it was a release from the tensions and stresses of the week. Now I have retired from the 'day job' it is satisfying in a different way. It is the one time when I can truly be at one with myself."

G. E., Professor of Law



"I find the lessons very relaxing! It gives me the opportunity to focus wholeheartedly on the way I move and use my body. I feel straighter. Those are my immediate sensations; as I go through the week I can feel the benefits of moving more freely and feeling less strain when I am, for example, standing for a long period.


Peter has been very effective at teaching me Alexander Technique; I find him a trustworthy and sympathetic person.


I was initially sceptical about how much benefit I would gain from AT; I have now had two years of lessons (which was much longer than I had originally thought I would want) and continue to benefit. The impact on my freedom of movement and my self confidence has been considerable."

C. J. B., Company Director



"I like the feeling of lightness, peace and calm that I experience during and after lessons, also feeling myself to be 3 inches taller. Since coming for lessons I have an increased awareness of how I am standing/sitting/moving. I now have the ability to correct my own posture by 'letting go' the tensions in different parts of my body. This is very important to me in my job as a nursery teacher, as my work entails a lot of lifting.


Peter is an excellent teacher who is very sensitive to the needs of his clients."

J. M., Teacher



"The technique has helped me to recognise what I am doing that is causing the pain that I get and I have learned how to 'let go'. I value the feeling of peacefulness that I experience during lessons. Afterwards I feel energised, tasks seem to require less effort and are more enjoyable."

Sarah Rutherford, Rider



"The thing I like most about lessons is the 30-40 minutes of focus. I am less "lop-sided". I have better balance and less stiffness and pain. Peter is an excellent teacher with immense skill."

S. C., Financial Analyst



"Peter has a unique ability to make a strong connection with his clients (I have felt this in myself and seen it when he works with others). With this connection he is able to guide his clients to become more aware of themselves during daily life. After lessons, I have a feeling of calm and happiness and a sense that something has released within me. I feel a better sense of connection with my immediate environment and a lightness and energy to movement.


Lessons have helped me to reduce musculoskeletal pain and general stiffness, and I feel increased energy and increased ability to cope with the stresses and strains of life."

P.S., Medical Researcher

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