Safety measures for working during the pandemic

Last update 23 January 2022

Alexander Technique teachers have been permitted to return to work since 12th April 2021 following the updated government guidelines for working safely during the pandemic. I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

Simple measures, followed consistently, can dramatically reduce the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus. I will, as always, be putting the safety of my students first.

The main risks of Covid transmission occur through touch and through the air. By only working with one person at a time, in a carefully thought-out environment where students do not directly encounter each other coming and going, and by carefully and consistently following a number of other guidelines related to physical contact and air quality, the risks can be dramatically reduced.


Touch: I clean all touched surfaces between students, and the frequent use of hand washing and hand sanitiser reduces this risk to a minimal level. I do not touch student’s faces, or my own.


Air Quality: The evidence shows that airborne transmission is a much the greater risk than touch and I take several precautions to reduce this risk to a minimum. The window is open at all times and, apart from on very cold days, I run a high volume extractor fan to maximise ventilation. In addition, I have in constant operation a modern high capacity 6 stage filtration air purifier with fresh HEPA filters that are designed to remove 99.97% of airborne contaminants, including viruses.


Masks: Several studies have shown that wearing a mask dramatically reduces the risk of transmission to others and somewhat reduces risk to yourself. I use a certified Type-2 surgical mask (rated at 98% or more effective at protecting other people from the wearer, conforming to EN14683). Students are no longer required to wear masks but are free, if they wish, to use one to enhance their own protection. I also keep a ready supply of disposables.


In accordance with government guidelines, students should not attend lessons if they believe there to be a reasonable chance that they have become infected with Covid. There is no charge for last minute cancellations for this reason.


I will continue to monitor and review relevant guidelines and update my written risk assessment (copy available on request) as appropriate.


Please feel free to contact me with any concerns that you have.